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okay today was terrible ................. i mean absolutly horrible

i knew about 10 people out of 2,400 people and i sat alone at lunch

i knew one person in my frist class and then every other class i knew no one 

they have block shecduling so everyday there are four classes the first class is the same evryday for me PE (drivers ed) and then either 3 even classes or 3 odd classes example 1,2,4,6 even days and 1,3,5,7 odd days and 4th and 5th period is lunch [there are 4 lunches] i have a lunch (1) on even days and d lunch (5) on odd days 

all day i kept remembering cathedral and how i sort of took it for granteed (you dont know how good u have it until you lose everything and eat lunch alone)  

i was so loney and i missed each and everyone of you seeing you all in the mornings and talking to you i just wanted to sit and cry because i missed everyone and i didnt know anyone and no one was interseted in talking to me 

i have never felt like this in my whole life and i dont ever want to feel like this again 

I HATE this new school i HATE knowing only selected people and i HATE that people didnt want to know me

right now i just want to end my life and get out of this misory and right now i think that it is the only way to get out of this


I'm sorry. <3 We love you and miss you too. It's only the first day, there's plenty of time for things to get better. I really hope they do get better, too. ::hugs::
I love your page!!!
How did you get it to look like that????
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss you too, but i remember Freshman year i didn't have a lot of friends-look at us, we didn't even become friends until sophomore year! You'll find friends-trust me.
There is no way that any of those kids wouldn't want to become friends with such a great person. Just look on the bright side. You'll find friends, or they'll find you.
Just be willing to accept new people and everything will be fine. <3
okay the journal look is under bloggish and its called baby i liked it so i stuck with it

thanks for the comments and check out to see what happened today
:( poor you...

don't hate your new school yet... i waited two years before i hated mountain view. i actually didn't have any friends till the end of september that year. just wait a bit - it's too soon to hate people. i know from experience that some kids take time to soften up to new people. and i also didn't know any of the people in half of my classes freshman year, though about two weeks later i got to know some of them. just give yourself some time and it'll all work out. and look forward to your color guard practices! you were really psyched about that!

November 2006

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